going out with someones wife

6 years ago

i have been going out with this woman since december...she says she loves me so much...but it seems like she is also committed to her man....am i wasting my time??? they are not married we live close to each other...

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  • 6 years ago

    _You need to confront her about this , and ask her. If you're looking for something serious , don't waste your time. Ask her if she loves you more than him and if shes willing to leave him for you. If she isn't or comes up with a bunch of excuses , you are wasting your time. This sounds like a really hard thing to do , but trust me , you'd benefit this if you do it now and she leaves him for you , or you find out she doesn't really love you and you can find someone that you really deserve ;) It's going to be hard , but aint nobody hiked to the top of mount Everest by sitting on their ass and eating tacos. I believe in you mate.

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