4 years ago

my crush is just a normal friend of me. he doesn't know that i like him. i never did tell my friends even about him . all i know is i like him a lot. i don't think that he has a crush or anything. PLS let me know what to do very soon as possible This decission is very important for my future too. His latest crush was my best friend and i dont really want to tell her that i like him. All i have to do is lie by saying that i don't like anyone. It is annoying to keep such things as secrets .

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  • 4 years ago

    That is tricky... If you really like him, and he is your friend, let him know. If he is your friend, he won't refuse you, and if he does, at least you can still be friends. Try taking him to a dance "as friends", for starts, and if he has a good time, it might turn into something more!

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