filling in my hart

5 years ago

sir mera cosion ek din mere ghar aai thi hum bat kiye unko maine computer sikhaya our samko o ghar chali gai to mere dil men uske liye bahut pya aaya kya uske bhi dil men mere liye utna hi pyar aaya hoga kya o ghar jakar mere bare men sonch rahi hogy

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" Love gives joy to lucky people but to the unlucky every relationship gives pain in return for love.. "

- Mary Trott» Love Quotes

Love Poem - Dont Wnt U, Wnt Him

Author: Tahja★★★
hey babe i gotta tel u sumthin
i dnt lyk u i lyk ur cuzin.
hes cute nd look betta than u
nd i really didnt mean 2 call u my boo.
this go out to a boy i used 2 go wit named ...(Cont.)