Endless Situation

what should I do about a man thaat I have known for over 10 years and is a dear friend. Ithink about him constantly and it has been this way for to many years even though I am in a relationship with someone else? I know he is not right for me because he is a womanizer but the attraction between us is too intense to be around eachother. We are both nervous when we see eachother and then the thoughts increase which is annoying.

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  • 9 years ago

    well if that guy treats women like trash(hoes) and he respects u and respects u.. he might be really into yu but he dont wanna gget into ur relationship
    i would tell u to follow ur heart but if he really dont think bout having a serios relationship and he wont leave other girls for u then dont waste ur time
    be with the one u love
    if u dont love ur boyfriend then dont keep on going w dat lie
    dont hurt ur boyfriend if u dont love him
    cuz u might get karma on u

  • 9 months ago

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