6 years ago

im vinay 24, my girlfriend is 24 we had loved for 3years n suddenly she left me, for a reason saying she is loving other guy, that guy is a ex-boyfriend of her in her college days. but i love her question is is she loving him truly or lying for sake of avoiding me, does she really love me r not? she is avoiding calls n msgs n not talking to me from 2months

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  • 6 years ago

    Hi! Well, that happened to me too,except that you lasted for 3 years. For me, i think, the girl is just simply needing time, and space, away from you. (though i cannot say this for sure) However, if it is indeed true, that she's seeing this ex-bf of hers, then i guess you should break it off. This isn't a game of chase and lies, it's about trust, and loyalty. If she's wooing some other guy while you're with her, what makes you think she wouldn't do it sooner. Not to badmouth, but i think it's that. Don't be depressed, while she's away, take this time to think things over, go see other people (and decent ones of course!) get to know someone knew, hang out with friends and family. TAKE YOUR MIND OFF HER. If she does love you, she'll come around. Wait, Reflect. and you'll see. :)

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