deeply hurting love....

8 years ago

iam in love with a girl....named lakshmi...she is one of my best friends, few months back i reliazed that iam deeply in love with her. but because of illusion that whether it is love or friendship i did not express it to her... now her engagement is fixed at april 5th. yesterday i proposed her.. i thought she would react negatively as her engagement is already fixed.. but she took it very cool.. she said that" u expressed your feelings there is no wrong with it". she said iam her friend 4ever. i think she too love me very much but she can't express as her engagement is fixed... she love her parents very much..but i want her.. i just can't even expect my life without her... we both had a great time in our college life. i don't know wat to do...iam dying here.... please give me some suggestions...

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  • Pav
    8 years ago

    Hey Rowady,

    You love her a lot, then why did you wait until her engagement? its everybody's dream to be engaged/married to their BEST FRIENDS..... You had every chance to achieve that dream... :)

    Sorry mate, Her reply to you "" u expressed your feelings there is no wrong with it"" does not convince me that she is ready for you.... if she was ready for you,she would have told you about her engagement plans and she would have given an open clue for you to propose her long before her engagement.

    on the other hand, lets say, she can not choose btw her parents and you...n she said yes for her engagement. Then she might have thought she cannot marry you for some reasons but she can always have you as a best-friend for life.....

    My advice for you is, Let her know how much you love her n like to spend rest of your life with her.... (its just an engagement its should be alright its not too late). Provided you must be ready for her....with job n family accept

  • pav
    8 years ago

    .... Provided you must be ready for her....with job n family acceptance. Otherwise, plz let her go with her own the Bestfriend forever ......U shall all ways be in her heart as a friend who supported her. Otherwise you will loose your friendship forever! "Sometimes the people we like can only walk until certain phase of our life... so she might be the one you liked" I am not trying to sacrifice i am only asking you to Understand n be a better person,take a right decision... :) tc Rowady :)

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