7 years ago

i like a girl but she says that she likes me as friend & if i really love her then i must send her parents for our marriage proposal.sometimes it seems thst she also loves me but she changes the topic when i use to ask her that she loves me or not?two days i have a fight with her regarding this and i don't know what to do can u help me know what is in her heart for me means i want her to clearly accept or reject my love proposal

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  • 7 years ago

    hey buddy wel um seems like she doesn't wanna merry you she probably don't wanna hurt you so GOOD LUCK!!!!

  • 7 years ago

    Well nobody can tell u wants in her heart but her and if some times she seems like she loves you too maybe some where deep down she does and just doesn't want to admit it .. I have been that girl before with the I just want to be friends. The guy was really great to me and treated me amazing but it was like he was too good u know us girls won't that bad boy that we have to fight for.. all I can tell u is come right out and tell her you love her and that u want to be more then friends u don't want to fight with her all u want to know if she feels the same way about you ..and if she doesn't u will just have to accept just being friends with her it will be hard but I know that it's better to have them in your life some how then not at all. I really don't know if this will help u but I hope if does

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