6 years ago

This thing happen before one week when my exams where going on he asked me to come to meet him he he wants to ask me any thing i said i'll try he said i should come i went to meet him he asked me "who is furkhan ?" i said "is it important???" he said "no matter to you but it is important to me" furkhan was the gay who have praposed me i have already said no to him i dont know how they have met in facebook he asked to furkhan that how did furkhan knows me furkhan said that i am his girlfriend then i said "furkhan said lie to him" after wards i said "can we stop talking about furkhan" he said "u'r hideing with me any thing" i dint said any thing wrong he is not talking with me i don't know why he is doing like that do he love me or not and i cant under stand what i should do now i'm getting carazy to talk with him what i should do now can you give me a advise for my this problem??? please...

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" " I wish u to be by my side To help my eyelids to hug together I wish u to be by my side When the morning sun kisses ... " » Full Quote

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Love Poem - Alone

Author: Kriss★★★★
dont hurt me anymore cuz everything u do
hurts me soo much
dont yell at me no more, cuz every word
peirces my heart
dont call me a bitch cuz the name is gettin ...(Cont.)