after breakup

7 years ago

hello ... i am in love with a girl. we both were in relationship for almost 1 year after that we had a breakup because her parents belonged to different caste and she didnt wanted to cross the decision of her parents by marrying with me. but i asked her to give one chance so that i could convince her parents and if they permit we will have further relationship. but she didnt gave that chance ... she herself asked her mom and her mom slapped her... After that it was a complete breakup btwn her and me.
Its around more than 1 year that we met niethe we met.. niether i have seen her. She started to avoiding me .... & hence i left her calling and meeting. But even today i love her.. & i wish she will be happy. But i wont be able to live my life without her... what should i do........

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  • 7 years ago

    Try to stand up to her mother. Love can defeat anything!

  • 7 years ago

    i m in te same case dude... my nly sayin is she ll also b missing u very badly though she may not show it out... bcox its te fate of all girls to listen to their parents... but for sure she may return to u in a way u may not expect n nly if ur relationship was true... hopin for te best wait for her... i too broke up wit my guy due to sme reason but each n every small things reminds me of he thinks i can b witout him but nly i knw te pain n how much i m dying don knw wether he belongs to me but i ll wait for him... i too ignore him i nvr showed tat i love him but i love him n miss u badly my jaanu-rubak...

  • 7 years ago

    Dude te pain is horrible don knw how u could be for 1 year.... if u really love n wan to live wit her pl go spk in her home... u ll knw her well wen u do tis... i too wish my guy someday comes n asks in my home bcox i cannot spk abt him to my mom but i don think anyone else can take care of me as him... i wish to live wit him... i cant b happy wit someone else ... oly if he sees tis msg he ll knw tat i m still waitin for him. n wqts in my mind... . lets hope for te best n my luck..

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Love Poem - Dont Wnt U, Wnt Him

Author: Tahja★★★
hey babe i gotta tel u sumthin
i dnt lyk u i lyk ur cuzin.
hes cute nd look betta than u
nd i really didnt mean 2 call u my boo.
this go out to a boy i used 2 go wit named ...(Cont.)