Afraid to tell her

8 years ago

****I wanna make girl to fall in love with me... Can you help me to make her fall in love with me? She is in my junior college She doesn't likes to be in relationship My friends say that she loves me So could you help me?? I am dying for her love

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  • 8 years ago

    I think you should focus more on yourself and make sure you are the best that you can be as a life partner or husband. If she is looking for that, then she will see it in you and will begin to gravitate more towards you. If you force her to fall in love with you then you might scare her away.

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Love Poem - For That Special Someone

Author: Latal★★★
Rhyme, reason, quotes, is that all the reason
for us to be meeting?
My love for you is limitless, it's always
When I see you, it's like I kicked my teeth ...(Cont.)